Installing Git on Windows is very easy. For Windows, i recommend using Git with a git client like source tree to save your time from typing  git commands.

Firstly, install git step by step 

The msysGit project has one of the easier installation procedures. Simply download the installer exe file , and run it:  Download git  Window version 

The following step, you have to shoose  the way you want to use Git from the command line. This option affect the way Git adjusts Window PATH enviroment of your computer. 

The safest way is "Use Git Bash Only" option (I will mention Git Bash after).By choosing this option your system Path will not be modified and you use Git bash only for git command. If you are not familiar with configuring Path in Window. I recommend this option. Click next and turn to next step.

 At this step, you can choose the way Git treat line endings in text files. 

You know, the line ending code in different OS type is also different from other, such as type such as (Windows: CRLF, Linux &Mac OSX: LF). When collaborating with others who using different OS, sometimes, it gets in trouble. To setting this option, you can controll that.

Click next, and finish setting, You will see Git Bash and Git GUI

Open Git Bash and try git:

Install git Client: source tree

 If you want another GUI client for Git, Source Tree is a good choice.
 Download souretree at official page :  and install it.
 Why installing source tree, You have to choose an SSH Client option like following:

Warning: If you want to use Github service (an remote repository service)  to manage and collaborate  your source code, do not use PuTTY if you are given the option. GitHub only provides support for openssh.